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New Macbook Pro: iFixit teardown review reveals antenna

For those of you planning to pick up one of the new Macbook Pro models that Apple unveiled this week, we have some interesting details for you. A recent teardown by iFixit has revealed a wireless antenna hidden underneath the Macbook Pro casing.

As reported from Apple Insider, the disassembly was performed on the new 15-inch Core i5 MacBook Pro model. The specialists over at iFixit uncovered that Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro no longer requires wireless connections to be integrated into the camera cable.

It was with this that they discovered the addition of an antenna that is mounted on the frame of the optical drive opening. Apple has also made further tweaks to the speaker assemby, as well as the Intel HM55 chipset.

Hopefully the inclusion of this antenna will improve wireless performance for customers, as this has often been a problem in the past with the old setup.

What are your thoughts on this? More details and pictures over at Apple Insider.



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