iPhone 4G vs HTC Droid Incredible: Which is better?

By Alan Ng - Apr 16, 2010

Now that the HTC Droid Incredible has been officially unwrapped by Verizon, the inevitable comparisons with upcoming handsets such as the new iPhone are sure to follow. After reading about specs for the Incredible, which do you think is the better handset?

Most consumers believe the HTC Droid Incredible is superior to none in terms of the specs it possesses. One of the driving forces behind the Incredible is the 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, but yesterday we told you about some very interesting rumors, suggesting that the iPhone 4G will come equipped with an 8 megapixel camera of its own, made by Sony.

If this is true, then it certainly adds a whole new factor in the comparison stakes. While Apple will always have its software and App store as their strong points, the addition of an 8 megapixel camera could really turn some heads of consumers who were planning to choose another handset.

At the moment, what handset do you think could be better? Are you going for the Droid Incredible, just because it will be released sooner, or are you planning to wait for the iPhone, predicting it will be better?

If you need a full rundown of specs for the Droid Incredible, you’ll find them in our previous article here. This comparison is highly significant, as in a few months time – the iPhone 4G could still land on Verizon. Then you’ll really have a decision to make folks.

Give us your opinions on which handset you think is better.

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  • lmcforever

    I walked into Verizon today wanting the iPhone, and walked out with the Droid Incredible HTC. I'm on a 14-day trial to see if I really like it, but I've done some research, as well as I have played around with iPhone's before and have liked the Incredible a whole lot better.

  • ching chong

    which one is better droid incredible or i phone

  • Tdylk

    I have Verizon as my carrier and WILL NOT change my service. That being said, I LOVE Apple products. I love my Mac, my iTouch etc. I've kept hoping that they'd hurry up and get an iPhone for Verizon but they don't, and they don't, and they don't………you get the pic.

    SO, I'm settling for the Incredible and hoping that I'll like it. Supposedly it'll be able to sync w/ my Mac, hold my iTunes music library etc w/ no problems.

    Have to say it though, in a perfect world, I'd have Verizon AND my iPhone. Siiiiiiiiiigh.

  • Renee

    I can not wait to get the Incredible. Its not only the phone it self and people can say what the want its the company period. I love verizon, I have already dealt with att and the could bring out the fastest phone ever, but you have to remember you may have the fastest phone but you still have to deal with the company. So if they bring the iphone to verizon fine if they dont they dont I am not leaving verizon for att. If apple know what is good for them they better jump on with verizon people can only deal with att poor service for so long.

  • Frank

    Excluding the G4 Iphone rumors and rumors of iphones on verizons network. etc. let's just deal with FACTS folks.. NON DISPUTABLE FACTS.. that I TO had to face.
    Verizons network IS better than AT&Ts – it's just a fact. we have to deal with . as of Today.
    the Incredible is better than the Iphone. again it's a FACT. it does have the 8mp camera NOW. not rumored on a phone in the future .. it does have 2 flash's on it NOW. it does do MulitTasking VERY WELL . NOW.. along with dozens of things it does very well NOW. so you can WAIT for a rumored phone to come out on either network. or just go get the BEST of the BEST now!! .. there currently is NO PHONE on the market with a Release date with specs that beat this phone at this point!! I know this is hard to hear as apple fanboys and iphone users. but listen .. we had our 15 mins of fame. it's over. the technology has changed and the DROID Incredible is on the cutting edge of that. MAYBE apple will compete with it? who knows? but while there in the works to make there new phone better than the Droid Incredible, or as good. . what do u think HTC is doing? working on a Incredible 2 . at this moment. so it'll be better.. let's face it. Verzion has finally taken the lead. good for them. good competition is great for consumers.. now they have to work like mad to HOLD that lead..
    I know at least 7 iphone users here at work that have switched to the Incredible Droid, and a few others that are waiting for there contract to finish up.

  • xsocutexxmhmm

    I just got my Droid Incredible. Ah… well let's just say that it more than lives up to its name. This Phone is my fave ever. I just switched from AT&T to Verizon and I'm glad I did. This awesome phone beats out all of my previous iPhones. I'm guessing the next iPhone will be compatible with the Droid Incredible, but for now my phone is so in the lead. The internet is amazing, and I love how all of the apps rock! My fave thing about my iPhones were the apps. That's what I want in a phone. Now there's the Incredible!!!!!!!!!! My only complaint is the Incredible's lack of Pocket God and Spawn Lite!

  • mparikh

    So, what will happen when Verizon goes to LTE/4G and CDMA is no longer a viable option for the Incredible? What do you think is the longevity of this product? 2 yrs max or 2-4 yrs?

    • GSpot

      CDMA will still be a viable platform regardless if you're on a 3G or 4G network. CDMA or GSM has nothing to do with the generation of the network. In fact both platforms will still be used. The big difference between the two platforms is that CDMA is less prone to dropped calls and poor quality calls than GSM is. The best way to differentiate between the two is CDMA is like a Pentium 4 processor while GSM is like a Pentium 3 processor, older and slower.

  • go with the HTC android sprint/HTC EVO dude. here are some reasons:
    -it has HDMI. iphone doesn't
    -it can download apps just like the iphone
    -it has two cameras with 8.0 megapixel. iphone doesn't
    -it can surf the web
    -it has 1,500 mAh battery
    -it's the number one phone of all time
    -and it's 4G 🙂
    they are more reasons but he is the short way to show you that incredible is better than iphone. with proof 🙂

  • Ceelove

    I've already pre-ordered the Incredible. The specs are awesome! I've wanted this phone from the time it was still a rumor. There's a new 15 minute video on you tube with a guy demonstrating every single aspect of the phone from beginning to end. I can't find anything negative about this phone.

  • Mike L

    ugghhh this makes me soo mad. I leave to college in August. I have verizon and am pretty much a loyal fan of their service. The Droid incredible looks outstanding with its 8mp and its 1ghz snapdragon. I can afford the incredible by the 29th so this looks really appealing!! but with the iphone hd coming out (verizon not until late this year or early next) i dont know what to choose. I have an ipod touch and love the selection of games and overall programs. I need a phone pretty badly cuz my crappy razor is outdated and i wanted a great phone to head to college with. Should i wait to here more news about the iphone coming out for verizon and maybe buy it when it comes out in winter or should i get the incredible and just wait till my contract is up to get next years model of the iphone? help?!?!?

    • Kris C.

      Yeah, we really don't know the exact specs of the new iphone yet, and like you said, it won't be available for verizon for a while. Get the Incredible and then if you decide you like the iphone more, just get the newer version when you're contract is up. The incredible is cutting edge; I was waiting for the new iphone but I'm totally going for this.

  • Ackman

    If the iphone takes as long to show up on Verizon as the incredible did, go with the incredible. By the time your two year contract is up with the incredible, the iphone will be making it's appearance.

  • Luis G

    Neither actually, Im waiting for the EVO 4g. Currently iphone 4g would be called 4g but not because it will have 4g speeds, unless it comes out on sprints 4g network but that's not going to happen. Sprints 69.99 everything plan is also luring, along with the 30 day return on EVERYTHING guarantee. Dont get me wrong I am going to walk into the verizon store to test drive the EVO's cousin. Will they convince me? Ill have to wait till the 29th! No iphone for sure though, not ANYTIME soon.