HTC’s Android Tablet: Better features than Apple iPad?

By Alan Ng - Apr 16, 2010

We have some exciting news for HTC fans now, as MD Quinton Leigh has revealed that the company are already working on a tablet device which will run Android, packing some very impressive features with it.

As reported from Phandroid, HTC are looking to enter the now-frantic tablet market with a device of their own, that they plan to release by the middle of 2011.

Features we can expect to see on the tablet include 1080p video recording, multi-touch features and 5.1 surround sound.

Early days yet of course, but it is pretty exciting for HTC fans, knowing that the company are well capable of delivering what customers want – just check out the HTC Droid Incredible for example.

What are your thoughts on the idea of a HTC tablet device? If the device really comes equipped with the features mentioned above, who is to say that it can’t overtake the iPad as the best tablet on the market.

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  • alana robinson

    im gettin this for christmas

  • JLT

    Apple should if they hold true to history put out a new version of the I-Pad some time around April or May 2011, Im hearing camera and SD slot upgrades for the I-Pad

  • I am glad that there is competition, I honestly wanted an iPad, but I was EXTREMELY disappointed when Apple released the official specs, no Cam and 256mb RAM, my Nexus One beats those stats. But the competition that's now coming towards the iPad will make Apple step up the plate, so the real winner here is the customer since this will bring better technology and cheaper prices.

  • Glen Miller

    I Phone killer any HTC phone not dependent on purchasing apps from itunes

  • AdamC

    Will it toast bread too?

  • STL

    "By that time it will be too late."

    As with the iPod, iPhone & iPod Touch, it's already too late.
    Apple the innovator innovates, delivers to market and creates a whole new category of computing. While the remainder of the industry sits on their hands.

    o iPod killer? None
    o iPhone killer? None
    o iPod Touch killer? None

    o iPad killer? None

    • Greg

      iPod Killer; your right none.

      iPod Touch Killer; right again.

      iPhone Killer; Wrong, Apple doesn’t even hold 5% of the smart phone market. In America they are doing quite well, but World Wide they don’t hold hardly any market shares.

      In addition to that, Google’s Android Phones are already out speccing the new iPhone.

  • Starrigavan

    Ugh. I hate misleading headlines. So HTC is thinking about making a tablet and that hypothetical tablet might be out next year. And it might have better features than the iPad does right now. And? The iPad will have better features in 2011 than it does today. So will my toaster. What is it with web journalists comparing real world products with what “we can expect to see” hypotheticals?

  • i am a big android and htc fan but 'middle of 2011'?
    By that time it will be too late.

  • Anybody BUT APPLE.. Please. Steve Jobs is nuts..