HTC Hero: 2.1 Update Delay – New Release Date is May

By Alan Ng - Apr 16, 2010

It is going from bad to worse for HTC Hero owners. After the initial delays of the 2.1 Android update, we told you yesterday that the update was finally due at the end of this month – until Sprint released a fresh statement today that is.

As reported from Phandroid, the carrier sent out an internal memo today, in which they acknowledged that their customers are patiently awaiting the arrival of the update.

However, they informed us that the update for the HTC Hero, as well as the Samsung Moment will now be available early May.

Is it worth asking how Sprint customers feel at the moment? We thought the 2.1 update saga would be finally over this month, but now the pending update will be dragged into the first weeks of May.

Not too good is it?

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