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Final Fantasy XIII: PS3 outsold Xbox 360 by 67% – March NPD

As most of you will be aware, the NPD figures for March are now out, and with it we have some interesting results for you. It has been reported that the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII outsold the Xbox 360 version by 67%.

Despite a lot of you thinking otherwise, the PS3 seemed to be the better choice to pick up out of the two, with these recent sales figure reflecting this.

In March, Sony managed to notch up 828,200 sales of Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3, while the Xbox 360 could only manage 493,900 – a difference of 67%.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you surprised by such a huge margin, or did you expect the PS3 to come out on top by a considerable difference?



  • C V

    493,900*167% (increase of 67%) = 824,813 … which is accurate enough

  • mavis

    you seem very excited by the ps3 version sales being more than xbox 360 version. but as an xbox 360 owner i'm not surprised at all. also i would expect neither should this come as a surprise or a source of joy to ps3 owners.

    the fact is that after 12 series on playstation Final Fantasy franchise has come on the xbox for the first time. for the most part, xbox 360 has virtually no fan base for this game as this is their first experience on xbox 360, a new generation console. infact i wasn't expecting a number like 493,900, which is too good for a start. hopefully this will we'll see more multi-platform games.

    • Amir

      You think it’s a coincidence that every former 3rd party Sony exclusive has gotten worse after making it’s appearance on the xbox?

      Your console of choice is ruining some of the best games in history. Don’t act like your not surprised by this, your leader Troll Aaron Greenburg promised the 360 version would out sell the PS3 version and IT DIDN’T!

  • Paul

    I'd really quickly amend your statistics before you look like any more of a mathmatical moron.

    828,200 (PS3) Subtract 493,900 (Xbox 360) = 334300 (This number is the difference between the amount the PS3 and the Xbox 360 sold respectively)

    334300 is 40.3% of 828200, Therefore the Ps3 sold 40% more copies than the Xbox 360, not 67%.

    • You better head over to Eurogamer then Paul and call them 'mathmatical morons' too, since they haven't updated their article and I obtained the figures from them – thats if they approve your comment. Thanks for the insight.


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