Final Fantasy XIII: PS3 outsold Xbox 360 by 67% – March NPD

By Alan Ng - Apr 16, 2010

As most of you will be aware, the NPD figures for March are now out, and with it we have some interesting results for you. It has been reported that the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII outsold the Xbox 360 version by 67%.

Despite a lot of you thinking otherwise, the PS3 seemed to be the better choice to pick up out of the two, with these recent sales figure reflecting this.

In March, Sony managed to notch up 828,200 sales of Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3, while the Xbox 360 could only manage 493,900 – a difference of 67%.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you surprised by such a huge margin, or did you expect the PS3 to come out on top by a considerable difference?


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