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Apple iPad Apps: Say it & Mail it Pro Recorder 1.0.2

A great way of sending a voice memo just like an email has just been released for owners of Apple’s new iPad. Say it & Mail it Pro Recorder 1.0.2 is a quick an easy way to email a voice memo to others and yourself.

Released by Carnation Software, the app lets users send a detailed email without having to use a keyboard. Voice memos that are emailed will be compatible with PC, Mac and any other computer. A picture can be included in the email and the size can be adjusted, and are in full resolution jpg format.

Users can include a Google Map link in their email memo to show their location, and reminders can be sent to yourself while you are away from your own computer. There is an auto-fill feature for your email address and subject. No advertising exists in the emails, just a ‘Say it & Mail it’ signature that can be removed in the Info setup.

Say it & Mail it Pro Recorder 1.0.2 is on the App Store for only $3.99. iPad required with iPhone OS 3.2 or later.



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