Verizon Confirms HTC Droid Incredible Specs: Like Nexus One

By Peter Chubb - Apr 15, 2010

Most would agree that we have been waiting for what seems like a lifetime for Verizon to offer a release date for the HTC Incredible. We finally got the news that we were waiting on, with The Big Red informing us that the new smartphone will be released on April 29, but also informed us that it will become part of the DROID family.

At that time Verizon did not give us any other information, thankfully they have now confirmed the HTC Droid Incredible Specs, but Engadget cannot help but notice how similar they are to the Google Nexus One. We asked the question yesterday – why would Verizon want both handsets?

The main specs include a 3.7-inch OLED touchscreen offering a screen resolution of 800 x 480. The handset comes with the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor as the Nexus One and its Android 2.1 OS.

There are a few subtle differences to the spec sheet though, such as the inclusion of Sense UI on the Incredible, and an awesome 8-megapixel camera – beat that Apple iPhone 4G. We wonder if Verizon will still offer the Nexus One considering their similarities?

Below is the complete list of specs:

  • 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor
  • 3.7″ 480×800 WVGA OLED Touch screen
  • 8GB internal memory
  • Advanced Speech Recognition
  • Camera: 8MP camera w/auto–focus and video capture
  • Embedded Ringtones, vibrate alert and silent
  • GPS/e911
  • Integrated Google, Exchange & Facebook contacts
  • OS: Android 2.1, Google Experience Device
  • Push Gmail and Exchange
  • Up to 16GB of optional microSD support
  • User Interface –next generation Sense UI
  • Virtual QWERTY Keyboard

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  • Houston

    HTC didn't steal anything.. the idea for apps etc was windows anyways and since the iphone has more games you decide to defend it. Yes the iphone is awsome but it isn't superior.. if you really boil it down its just a gameboy you can check facebook and call people on. HTC is literaly a phone that you can customize and make it personal yet still be buisness. HTC is inovative because iPhone didn't "Invent" anything just redid it all and put an half eatin apple on it.
    GO HTC!

  • Dogrobber

    I despair at the mentality of most iPhone owners.
    having been a 'smartphone' user for many years most of my friends and colleagues shunned smartphones for the latest standard nokia or SE handset. Now they have all been sucked in by the Apple marketing steamroller! They insist on defending their handsets without any real reason or justification. Anyone I know that has any computing savvy at all has moved across to Android or is still persevering with WM.
    I remember here in the UK the iPhone marketing campaign for about a month was "wow, look, you can 'cut and paste' text on an iphone!! " Apple are not stupid, they know their phone appeals to idiots who buy it because it looks pretty and has a little apple drawn on it. They are terrified by HTC, hence the lawsuit! …why are they terrified? – Simple.. all the idiots that purchased an iPhone because it looked pretty or because 'all the cool kids' had one MIGHT start to take an interest in OS's, processor speeds, UI's, camera quality etc. Then iPhone is royally screwed, Apple will have bought millions to the market then loose them to more innovative companies like HTC.
    Before the Apple sheep try telling me Apple IS innovative…. SHUT UP! tired of squeezing the same shite smaller and smaller they have now decided to make the same shite bigger and bigger! lol
    They push stuff out far too often and far too quickly, the iPhone should never have debuted as it did, the 3G at least if not the 3GS should have been the first, and I can't help being cynical enough to think that Apple did this on purpose to give themselves 3 or 4 generations of sales before people got wise to the world of smartphones.

    Rant over

    • Camron

      You Mad!

    • james

      HTC is not innovative, the stole the idea fo apple, just increased processor speed and few features not because anything but because its cheaper now..

  • Beat that Iphone?? with Apple you get the wow factor, there's only 1 iphone, the minute you get this droid something else will come out on another carrier etc. You will never have the coolest phone on the market.


      IF i am not mistaking, you should be on your 3rd IPHONE now and coming up on your 4th…AND STILL WILL NOT HAVE THE BASIC FEATURE OF A CAMERA FLASH…You are looking for WOW factors…THATS A WOW FOR YOU!!!