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Paid Surveys for iPhone: New Platform in 2010 – OrangePanel

Owners of the iPhone and iPod Touch can now get paid and earn rewards for doing surveys on the go. OrangePanel 1.0 is the first application to offer this service on the iPhone platform.

Released by Toronto based MobileFolk, the app has surveys that are tailored to suit the opportunities and requirements presented by the iPhone. The touch screen of the device is fully utilized, and the surveys length ideally suited for a mobile lifestyle. If a user receives a phone call while doing a survey it can easily be resumed when the call is finished.

OrangePanel allows users to easily track the surveys they have completed and check the rewards they have earned so far. The app aims to solve the problems of doing surveys on a small screen, and to allow the completion of surveys away from the computer, making market research more accessible and convenient for owners of the iPhone.

OrangePanel 1.0 is free on the App Store. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch required with OS 3.0 or later.


  • Now I can continue to do my surveys even on the go. Great post thanks for this app tip. I have been doing free paid surveys for over 2 years now and yes they realy do pay. So keep up the good work and spread the word about online surveys.


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