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Nokia N8-00 Vasco: Launch Release Date delayed?

We have a slightly disappointing update for those of you keeping your eye on the highly anticipated Nokia N8-00 smartphone now, as we are hearing reports that an announcement has been delayed until mid July at the earliest.

As reported from NokNok, the Nokia N8-00 packs a whopping 12 megapixel camera and will be one of the first handsets to launch on their brand new Symbian ^3 operating system.

The handset was rumored to be announced alongside the company’s social-networking phones, but of course that didn’t happen. NokNok have said that Nokia may be fixing up a few bugs that are still present within Symbian ^3, and that we should expect an announcement from Nokia sometime in July.

What are your thoughts on the handset? Are you happy with their best current handset in the N900, or are you waiting for this 12 megapixel beast to arrive?


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    i will NEVER roll back to any symbian devices even if it has a 20mpixel camera..maemo is just perfect i love my n900..finally a phone that can be customized for real


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