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‘Major’ PS3 Firmware Update will add Facebook to PlayTV

We have some great news for PS3 owners who are hungry for another big Firmware Update now, as Sony has confirmed that a major one is planned before the end of the year.

As reported from Eurogamer, specific features of the update are obviously unknown at the moment, but one feature that has been revealed already, is the addition of Facebook functionality within Sony’s PlayTV software.

PSN product manager James Thorpe posted a message on the EU PS Blog, about the upcoming features, adding he didn’t want to give too much away and spoil the ‘surprise’.

What are your thoughts about this though? While ‘proper’ Facebook integration will be awesome, it is slightly disappointing that you’ll need the PlayTV kit to make use of it.

Do any of you use PlayTV regularly?


  • SirJun

    The PlayTV 2 update is a complete rip off. Don’t do it. A line needs to drawn or else these blood sucking corporations will start charging for every update. The only reason people have paid the redonkulous £6.29 fee is to get series link, (which should have been a day one feature in the first place!)

    2 years of waiting for series link .. a feature even a budget PVR bought in Tesco has ..and Sony bundle it with unwanted social features to justify charging us for it. Sony can KMA…

    Still considering paying Sony for this update? Then read some of comments on PSN product manager James Thorpe’s Blog

    Sony r the new Apple. Charging for updates that should be FREE. Sony hang ur head in shame. What next? Charging for bug fixes and patches?

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