iPhone 4G and iPad 3G: New social-networking store planned

Some very interesting news for Apple fans now, as the company has filed yet another patent, this time exploring a ‘social-networking’ revamp for their online stores.

As reported from Apple Insider, Apple are looking into the possibility of adding a much more user-friendly approach to shopping online, as they feel that their online shoppers may not get the benefits that they would in a physical store.

To counter this, Apple has filed a new patent called “Enhancing Online Shopping Atmosphere,” which will add social elements, to enhance the user’s shopping experience.

For example, a user shopping for the new iPhone or iPad 3G tablet could be greeted with ‘human-shaped’ icons which will pop up on screen, advising him or her what is popular on the website at the moment.

Other changes include added statstics, showing users how many times a particular product had been viewed that day, and also live referrals to sections of the Apple store which users are currently shopping in.

Judging by the included patent images over at Apple Insider, this looks like another great idea by Apple. Have a look at the images for yourself, and then let us know your thoughts on this idea.

Would you welcome the changes or not?


  • Paul

    Sounds pretty interesting! Up til now I've been sticking with online shopping apps like the Wishlist from on Facebook but this could definitely be a cool little toy!


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