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HTC Hero: 2.1 Android Update Release Date – End of April

We know that a lot of HTC Hero owners have been getting rather frustrated recently, especially when we informed you last week that the 2.1 Android update may be landing tomorrow.

As Phandroid reports though, HTC has issued an statement to customers, stating that the long awaited update is due to land at the end of this month.

Furthermore, HTC say that the update will happen OTA, and then customers should be receiving a ‘pop-up’ message when the phone is ready to update and you’re connected to the internet.

Great news then, right? Let us know your thoughts on this. At least HTC has come out and issued an update to customers, so we all know what the situation is.

We’ll let you know once the update goes live.


  • briguy

    OK, I purchased my HTC hero under the same pretense that Sprint would be offering the 2.1 upgrade in February. For my first android phone I found the software available to it free to be awesome. There is a great following and knowledgeable people who publish applications for it. The operating system 1.5 is not a bad OS. There are many bugs that the 2.1 OS fixes. One such fix that I am in dire need of for work is the activesync process to work with Exchange systems. Currently, that is the only thing on it I can't get to work.

    I do agree with the majority of the users here that if a company is going to publicize something as big as an OS update 1.5 – 2.1 for a specific date they should live up to it. Many people have purchased this phone and many others with the hopes that the known issues will be fixed relatively quick only to wind up in despair. If it does not come out then this will have wound up being nothing more than a marketing ploy to generate more sales before they EOL the phone production.

    Something to think on…

  • torbjørn

    I have been waiting forever because HTC have sait it should come with 2.1 to hero. If they said how long this would take and move the release date forward i would have been returning my phone when i still could and instead bought a nexus one. I hate my 1,5 hero!


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