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HTC Droid Incredible: What does iPhone 4G need to compete?

If last week was all about Apple, their iPhone OS 4.0 and the upcoming iPhone 4G, then surely this week is all about the HTC Droid Incredible, which has just been confirmed by Verizon.

As we told you earlier today, Verizon has posted a list of full specifications for the device on their website here, while we have also learnt when Best Buy will be receiving stock here.

Despite the fact that we are still no closer to hearing if the iPhone will land on Verizon’s network this year, customers will probably be more than happy settling for the Droid Incredible over the iPhone.

The iPhone 4G will bring multitasking features thanks to iPhone OS 4.0, but we still don’t know what kind of hardware specs it will possess.

Do you think Verizon’s new handset will be the phone to beat this year, or do you still believe the iPhone is better? We had similar comparisons with the iPhone 3GS and Motorola DROID, but the Droid Incredible is a far better handset – in both performance as well as design.

What does the iPhone need to compete with the HTC Droid Incredible?


  • dug

    Stop hating on Jake u bitch nigga

  • Jake Moron

    Jake you are a moron. You are just excited about the name iphone. What does the iphone do that the incredible does not. Actually what does the incredible do that the iphone does not, wow think about that. Your just one of those punk kids whos friends have the iphone and just want to fit in. Your an idiot, read the specs.

  • Jake

    No! Verizon still needs to get the iPhone. If they don't, they don't even realize how much money they are losing for both Verizon and Apple. When AT&T got the iPhone in 2007, it was recently said that a total of about 3.2million iPhones were activated since then. If the iPhone came to Verizon it would be HUGE and especially since their network can handle it unlike AT&T who has proven not to be able to. Although I agree that the new Droid Incredible is a fantastic device, it should not negate them from receving the iPhone 4g also.

  • moises

    as of right now the phone to beat are the htc evo and samsung galaxy s thats my take.


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