HTC Droid Incredible: Verizon confirm data plans and prices

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2010

Despite months of speculation, it was only a few days ago that Verizon made the HTC Droid Incredible official, thankfully, thats all changed now, as Verizon keep churning out new information on a daily basis for us.

Verizon has released the official press release for the handset, and with it – the all important data plans and pricing for the Droid Incredible.

As expected, you’ll be able to pick up the phone for $199 on a two-year contract after a $100 mail-in rebate. It is worth pointing out that this rebate will come in the form of a debit card.

Talk plans will start at $39.99, while your web and email plans will begin at $29.99 for unlimited access. What are your thoughts on the plans? It seems pretty reasonable to us, considering what the handset offers in the box.

More details can be seen in the official press release here. Let us know your thoughts on the Incredible.

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  • chris

    The phone itself great – best on market. But I am concerned by the price of the minimum announced Verizon plan to go with this phone for talk $40 + web/email $30 which totals at least $70 / month. How does this compare to other carriers?

  • ryan

    I want to like this phone I really do because the iphones specs suck by comparison. Unfortunately until the Anrdroid Marketplace(appstore) gets better support I don't see apple feeling pressure to make a more aggressive iphone. Then there's the issue of plan pricing. I really wish T-mobile would get a version of this so I could get the phone I want with an affordable unlimited everything plan. Being that Android doesn't have the apps right now and Apple just renewed their agreement with AT&T for another year, I'm thinking it's best to hold out for a year and see what apple does when their deal with AT&T is up again and to see what happens in the android Marketplace over the next 12 months.