Xbox 360 Slim and Project Natal: Price and Release Predictions

By Alan Ng - Apr 14, 2010

Some interesting news for Xbox 360 owners now, as industry analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that Microsoft will release an Xbox 360 Slim and Project Natal bundle before the end of the year.

As reported from Eurogamer, Pachter thinks the bundle will come in at around $299 and will also include a 250GB Hard Drive along with the Project Natal motion tech.

He also predicts that Microsoft may choose to cut the price of the current Xbox 360, by the time Summer ends, in order to keep up with Sony should they reveal a higher market share than Microsoft.

We all know that secrets cannot be kept before E3, so are Microsoft really planning to release a slimline console? We want your thoughts on the bundle, as well as price point.

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  • Actually, if you want it to be more exact it will be November 4, 2010. And unlike some of the reactions of other people, thinking its just a copycat of Wii. You're wrong. In fact this is quite new and something fresh. All questions about Kinect answered

  • Beans

    everything comes down in what console is better for gaming easily said 360.

  • game freak

    yeah but since project natal has come out i dont think there will be a new xbox 360 for some time most likely late 2011 because they want to say that evry one will be in sink with each other i dont know i am watching E3 rite now

  • Gamer1042

    Microsoft needs to make a 360 slim. The main thing they need to put in, more important then any other improvement, is improved heat disposal. Heat Disposal is the leading cause in the RROD's, so we better improve. The 2nd/3rd most important feature is either automatic slot-loading (gone with the dumb tray) OR built in Wi-Fi. This is dependent on opinion. I'd say built-in Wi-Fi is more important, but thats opinionative.

  • BreakyourXbox

    Ive owned Two 360's. I told my self i would never own a ps3 because the xbox was a great system and the price tag on a ps3 was $600, Once christmas came around i found a ps3 40gb for $280 and decided to give it a try. Best dicission of my life. Free online, blue ray, web browser, custimize your back round, and much more. I upgraded to an 80gb ps3. All you xbox fans need to give it a try it will change everything you ever thought was in gaming. By the way Halo_Guru, after halo reach all other halo games will be for multiple consoles if they ever make another one

  • patrick

    what i dont get is why everyone has to be so stupid all the time….

    everything in this world boils down to opinons

    once u realize this we can all live in piece

  • DeadlySpartan

    There's no arguing with fanboys, but who in there right mind thinks that the Xbox360 is a better console than the PS3? they certainly must be suffering from the retardation condition, ehh? Also, you have to pay for WiFi and it doesn't even play Bluray disk which is the high definition medium. Furthermore they all break within a matter of week-months because they were poorly built. All i'm saying is Aly33bees and Halo_Guru i'm truly sorry about your condition 🙁 it must be very hard for you growing up in a world so cruel with people not understanding about your disorder!

  • Aly33bees

    1: Do not assault me with saying i'm a microsoft or the 360 fanboys. I own the PS1, PS2, Nintendo GC, XBOX, PSP, XBOX 360. Pretty much a gamefreak. I have to say the 360 is a true or real potential game console. I don't know how you guys even get the RROD. When i have a 360 that still worked and never get an RROD since the falcon release. Else, the PS3 is a joke. With only 2XXm polygons supported on a super-sized storage disc, that's a joke. Don't get me started on those kids controllers.

    • Halo_Guru

      Amen Brother!. the controllers are little kid controllerS There not Special They have been the F*&*ING same since the Dam PS1.