Verizon HTC Incredible: UK owners happy with HTC Desire?

By Alan Ng - Apr 14, 2010

Verizon customers have finally had some official news today: the HTC Incredible has been confirmed and will be available at the end of April. As you know though, this is for US customers only – so how do UK consumers feel?

Consumers in the UK have probably been reading about the HTC Incredible and wondering why such an impressive handset is not making its way to Vodafone – the UK’s equivalent of Verizon Wireless.

But in actual fact, customers on Vodafone already have the HTC Desire, which is pretty similar to the HTC Incredible, except for the fact that the Incredible packs an 8 megapixel camera rather than a 5 megapixel one seen on the Desire.

Aside from the key change in picture quality above, both phones are near identical in specs, however the Desire will provide you with slightly more RAM (576MB), but ROM remains the same. (512MB).

How do UK owners feel about the HTC Incredible? Are you currently happy with your Desire, or do you want HTC to release an upgraded handset for you?

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