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Verizon HTC Incredible: UK owners happy with HTC Desire?

Verizon customers have finally had some official news today: the HTC Incredible has been confirmed and will be available at the end of April. As you know though, this is for US customers only – so how do UK consumers feel?

Consumers in the UK have probably been reading about the HTC Incredible and wondering why such an impressive handset is not making its way to Vodafone – the UK’s equivalent of Verizon Wireless.

But in actual fact, customers on Vodafone already have the HTC Desire, which is pretty similar to the HTC Incredible, except for the fact that the Incredible packs an 8 megapixel camera rather than a 5 megapixel one seen on the Desire.

Aside from the key change in picture quality above, both phones are near identical in specs, however the Desire will provide you with slightly more RAM (576MB), but ROM remains the same. (512MB).

How do UK owners feel about the HTC Incredible? Are you currently happy with your Desire, or do you want HTC to release an upgraded handset for you?


  • Darren from the UK

    I am a UK owner of the HTC Desire and think this phone is simple superb so much so that almost everybody I show it too (including mant iPhone users) have made the switch to the Desire or will do when their contract finishes. This included the manager of a Carphone Warehouse store who had the choice between an HTC Desire and an iPhone.

    Am I unhapppy that HTC have made the incredible. Not in the slightest. A couple of Mb on the camera and a bit more memory. Please remember that the Desire is lightening quick which incidently is one of the first things which people seem to notice when I am showing off my phone. Thus it will be capable of running any software whch the Incredible can so I dont know what the gripe is.

    This phone is seriously good and because of this intrinisic link to all things Google, each software update will only bring more jaw dropping features.

  • No1

    Rumours of the HTC Ace coming to the UK – which will be a renamed Incredible/Evo4:

  • vitus

    all in all i have had all in al the htc touch , the htc touch duo , and the htc touch diamond on the trot, after branching out to the n97 i had decided to come back to the htc market as the incredible seemed like the best phone i could get, i cant even describe the words and feelings that were raging inside me after getting so excited then finding out it was not available in the uk, so if this is how htc have decided to act, (asking us to settle for second best) i give you the middle finger sallute and shall wait for news on the nokia n8 or w/e they decided to call it (see i dnt even know what its called, u literally pushed me into the hands of ur competitors)…word to htc dont treat "loyal customers" like idiots…good luck with ur idiocy and thank you for making me feel like im not worth the trouble…unless u actualy bring this device here…im boycotting your product for life… and i know theres spelling mistakes but i dont care

  • Sorry guys, you are all just being a bit spoilt aint you, i have the desire, it is the best phone by miles, better than the iphone, and any of the other smart phones i have seen. It is stable, smart and quite frankly a pleasure to use. If the only diff' is an extra 3 megapixels on the camera, and lets face it , a 5 Mp camera is fine for everyday use, whats all the fuss over.
    As for a flaw in the multi touch screen, i have google earth on my desire and it works faster and more responsivley than my laptop. (with WIFI)

    • vitus

      Darren , i think your missing the point,i for one (im sure am not the only one) when looking for a new phone will scour the net putting hours of my time into finding the best fone as to which to purchase with my hard earned cash, which as you know means am spending double money as time is money… now upon looking for days i decided, yup the incredible is the one for me and all there was to do was find out the realese date, now imagine after all that work i find that the perfect fone for me on the market isnt available to me, of course id be angry and of course during my days i spent looking at new phones i had a showdown between the nexus one and the incredible , im already sold on the incredible and dissold on the nexus one, no matter how good the nesxus is, are you asking me to go for the second best handset at the time i want to make a purchase?

  • frostbite

    Come on HTC we in the UK want the the Incredible. So get of your FAT A*" and let us give u r hard earned cash……… or maybe we ……go for the iPhone 4G????????

  • Bigswede

    The UK? What about the rest of Europe?! I refuse to buy the HTC Desire now after I've seen this phone, and add to that… iPhone 4G also looks good enough for me to actually consider an Apple product only due to this Incredible info 🙁

  • Ralph Clark

    I was excited by the Desire until news of the Incredible appeared. I am really disappointed with HTC – it feels like they are massively disrespecting the UK by withholding their best Android phone from us. I mean how did they expect us to react? It must affect HTC's image in this country and it's surely going to dampen sales.

  • Fearless_Fred

    Sorry, Josh, but the screen fault on the older models is hardware related. The Incredible and the Evo 4g are apparently using a different driver chip for the touchscreen that is apparently a lot better. An up-rev of the software just won't fix that old issue. See the link that Wraith has included…

  • Wraith

    The incredible doesn't have the crippled multitouch sensor that the Desire and Nexus One have, that's by far the biggest issue for me :

    • Josh

      This may have been fixed with Android 2.2, so it's a non-issue now.

  • Denis_iii

    I'm pissed, i can't stand the look of the Desire but really like the Increidble but can I have it, nope!
    Its not even on HTC's page yet.


  • Sean Burrage

    I’m very annoyed about this. I’ve been waiting and saving up for this phone for a few months since the firt concept pictures were leaked and now they have the nerve to say it’s going to be CDMA only so it will only work on American networks.

    I don’t see why they’re refusing to Market the phone in Europe over something so trivial as the phone radio.

    Seriously, it’s like htc saying we’re not going to release this phone anywhere else because we can’t be bothered to change the charger voltage from 110v to 230v.

  • sgsdgsd

    Desire looks great, but it's the Nexus One I'm waiting for. I want the vanilla install of Android so I can get the best out of what Google has to offer in the future. But where is it, it just doesn't seem to be appearing, and when it comes down to it, if Google charge for the phone, + then I have a contract price, it will be hard to pay for the phone when I can get the Desire for free. Come on Google, show your hand, let's see some release dates.

  • Aid

    Well I'm stuck with the HTC Magic for a while… so I can't wait to upgrade to the Incredible… or anything that wipes the smile of my Desire/Nexus One owning mates.

  • Jack

    I'm really annoyed about this. The Desires been out for little over 2 weeks really and already its outdated. It just seems silly for HTC to produce so many handsets at once; it takes more engineers, confuses customers and lowers confidence that HTC really care about the stuff they make and aren't just trying to sell something and then forget about you.
    I feel like I should cancel my Desire contract, which hasn't even arrived yet, fly to America, and just get one of these lol.


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