Toyota Lexus 2010 GX 460: Credibility

So far Toyota’s 2010 has been far from perfect, earlier this year there were recalls thanks to accelerator pedal problems, now we are hearing that one of their luxury Lexus models is being dubbed a safety risk.

The model in question is the 2010 Lexus GX 460, in a recent issue of the Consumer Report magazine this sport-utility vehicle received a “don’t buy” rating, Koji Endo (managing director of Tokyo-based Advanced Research Japan) was frustrated with this as it dealt a blow to Lexus’ entire line-up.

The magazine stated that they felt that the 2010 GX 460 model could be prone to rolling over, this is due a delay before the electronic stability control system kicked in.

So far all of the safety concerns regarding Toyota’s recalls havn’t really tarnished the reputation of Lexus’ vehicles, however this issue of Consumer Reports could put a dampener on the so far promising first quarter of 2010.

Do you think this will seriously affect Lexus sales?

Source: BusinessWeek


  • Paul Marsh.

    Every other manufacturer has now caught up with Toyota on reliability so what new USP have they got as their cars are extremely dull and not very economical.

    Back to the drawing board and possibly pinch a few designers from Germany to show them how its done.


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