Nexus One: Rumors of OTA update, still no Verizon release

By Alan Ng - Apr 14, 2010

You might want to take this with a very big pinch of salt, but it has been rumored that the Google Nexus One handset is due an update OTA within the next few days. As you might of guessed though – still no word on whether Verizon will be releasing the phone as part of their ‘mighty 6’ lineup.

As reported from Phandroid, the rumors have surfaced from Smartphone France, who have decided not to disclose any source or proof of these claims.

Still though, an update would be very welcome for Nexus One owners who are becoming frustrated with issues relating to picture quality, as well as problems with 3G signal strength.

Until we hear concrete evidence that the update is definitely happening this weekend, you might want to overlook this information, as we wouldn’t want to get your hopes up – that’s Verizon’s job.

The Nexus One is still rumored to be part of Verizon’s big 6 handsets that they are releasing this month, three of which have now been confirmed. Stay tuned for further updates.

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