Modern Warfare 2 (PS3,PC): Stimulus Package Release Date

By Alan Ng - Apr 14, 2010

We are aware this is a few days old, but we seemed to have missed this when it was first reported. Without further ado, we can confirm that the Stimulus Package DLC for MW2 on PS3 and PC will be available early next month.

As reported from Kombo, US gamers will get the Map Pack for PS3 and PC on May 4th (Tuesday), while everyone else will get it on Wednesday May 5th.

The Stimulus Pack, if you need reminding, contains five new maps. These are Storm, Salvage, Bailout and two COD4 maps in Crash and Overgrown.

Let hope Microsoft and Infinity Ward communicate with each other for the PS3 launch this time, so we dont get a repeat of the terrible mess involving the Xbox 360 launch.

Will you be picking up the maps on PS3 or PC?

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  • Brad

    So… it's May 4th where the F are they?!

  • John

    I'm still waiting for it just like you guys and I live in America sooooooo your wrong……..

  • edd

    anyone know how much its going to be in ££££££££££££££££££££££'s
    looked bloody everywhere but no bloody answer!!!

    • darren

      £10.79 for 3 new maps and 2 COD4 maps.

  • Juan

    all of yal are noobs

  • Zebra QC

    I just got the package paid ect but i dont see it in my library to install….. i guess i wil show on the 4 may ??

  • jay

    why do the americans always get a head start with everything with cod for the first time the game got released for every one at the same time and the british players are better so now they give the americans a head start on map pack 1 so they can camp
    arse holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ray

      But cause the game was made in America, idiot..

    • Chad

      If you dont know how to kill a camper, than YOU are the noob, arse hole!

    • max

      thats jokes im canaidian so screw those americans eh

  • mike

    Nob? Your funny.

    Is the price gonna be 15 for the PS3 also?

  • John

    You nob!

  • jay

    why would microsoft and iw have talks about the ps3?