Lexus GX 460 (2010): Video shows problems for Toyota

By Alan Ng - Apr 14, 2010

Following on from our report yesterday, which told you about the potential problem involving Toyota’s Lexus GX 460 model, we have a video to show you now, highlighting the possible dangers when driving.

The video comes to us courtesy of Associated Press, and it is within their video that we see a mockup of a driver of a 2010 model for the Lexus GX 460 deliberately driving at full speed around a corner.

As you can see, the video highlights the potential handling problems which resulted in the ‘Dont Buy’ warning that was issued for the vehicle this week.

It is particularly worrying for consumers, since the vehicle could be prone to rollovers, especially if it hits a curb when travelling at full speeds.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts on this. Should we be worried?

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  • smudger

    If you hit a curb at full speed as the comment above suggests, how may other cars wouldn't roll over?