iPhone 4G: Removable Storage Please

By Jamie Pert - Apr 14, 2010

One way in which Apple’s iPhone versions differ from pretty much all other smartphones on the market is in terms of removable storage, none of the previously released iPhones have featured removable storage, therefore many potential customers are wondering whether the unannounced iPhone 4G may feature some form of memory card slot.

Over the years the iPhone has offered impressive internal storage (from 8GB to 32GB), however some iPhone users have been frustrated at the lack of a memory card slot, this is because a memory card slot can expand the handset’s storage capabilities and provide a quick and easy way to back up data,

As previously stated there is vast competition for the iPhone 4G if it is released this summer, this competition is stiffer than any other iPhone version has seen thanks to handsets such as the HTC Incredible and HTC EVO 4G, both of these impressive smartphones feature removable storage.

Many experts believe that for Apple to stay at the forefront of the smartphone market they will have to change their ways, it seems as if they will soon be offering a form of multitasking, however can they afford to not offer Flash support along with no removable storage?

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  • james braselton

    hi there my brother has filled up the 32 gb iphone 4

  • Ivan

    I'm not really sure how a valid argument can be made for the iPhone handset featuring removable storage. Apple currently offers the largest amount of internal memory of any device currently on the market. Other manufacturers offer the ability for removable storage because their own devices are so deficient when it comes to internal storage; I imagine they do this in order to keep their own costs down and perhaps the cost of the device to the consumer down.

    Furthermore, the argument for ease of backup doesn't really fly here either. Having removable media means the consumer runs the risk of losing or destroying that removable media. So really one of the best means for backup is via data cable to a computer. However, a lot of companies are not yet providing data cables by default with their product. Meanwhile, the best and only method of mass data transfer to your iPhone is via iTunes using the multipurpose data cable that Apple provides with the device.

    Removable/expandable media on the iPhone would be a perk most people wouldn't use. If you need more capacity, get a larger device instead of settling for the 8GB model. If Apple holds true to form this year, I'm sure they'll be introducing a 64GB model.