iPhone 4G Release Date: Apple may unveil June 22nd

By Jamie Pert - Apr 14, 2010

Over the last few years Apple have tended to use the Yerba Buena Center to unveil new products, a recent article posted on SlashGear suggests that a reservation for the Center on June 22nd could perhaps be linked to the unveiling of the 4th generation iPhone.

Earlier this year Apple used the center to unveil its latest creation the Apple iPad, with many expecting a summer 2010 release for the iPhone 4G/iPhone Pro/iPhone HD it seems likely that this reservation could be for Apple newest iPhone version.

The last two iPhone versions have been unveiled in June, on June 9th 2008 Apple unveiled the iPhone 3G and on June 8th 2009 they unveiled the iPhone 3GS, therefore a June 22nd 2010 unveiling for the next iPhone does kind of fit in with Apple’s previous releases.

Do you think that the iPhone 4G will be unveiled on June 22nd?

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  • John

    I wish it would because I have a jailbroken 3gs and I can't wait to jailbreak the 4g.

    • April

      how did you jailbreak your 3gs?

  • goodman

    i hope so my 3g is getting worn out

  • hhgreg

    i hope so…