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iPhone 4G: Apple Branded Car Kit within OS 4.0?

Some interesting news to bring you now, as it has been reported that Apple are exploring the possibility of releasing a standalone ‘Apple-branded’ car-kit for future use on the iPhone.

As reported from Apple Insider, yet more information has been uncovered within the pre-release beta of iPhone OS 4.0.

A new ‘iPod Out’ feature has been found inside the OS 4.0 code, while there are also further hints with information such as “IAPSSimpleRemoteCarButtonNotification” along with “IAPSSimpleRemoteCarButtonTypeKey.”

Once a user docks his iPod Touch or iPhone into the Apple-branded car kit, it is thought that the device may include a simple video screen where the user will be able to navigate through the various menus of the iPhone / iPod Touch easily.

Furthermore, “kCTCallStatusChangeNotification ” was also found within OS 4.0, meaning that you will probably be able to make use of this new car kit via handsfree.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you welcome a branded car kit from Apple, or are you happy with your TomTom?



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