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iPhone 3G: Jailbroken device multitasking on OS 4.0

Remember how we told you that iPhone 3G owners wouldn’t be able to get the full features of OS 4.0, i.e – multitasking? Well one user with a jailbroken iPhone 3G has posted a video showing that multitasking is actually possible, contradicting Apple’s claims that it wasn’t.

As reported from BGR, Apple said that multitasking wasn’t possible on the 2G or 3G, due to processor speeds. But the following video below shows you that Apple are telling us porkies.

Watch how the user enables the same multitouch interface on OS 4.0, straight on his 3G, using the same method of double-clicking the homescreen to switch between Apps.

You can thank iPhone hacker cdevwill for the video, and his simple modifcation of the N82AP.plist for the ending result.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you angry with Apple for not being entirely honest? Watch the video below and have your say.



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