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HTC DROID Incredible Confirmed: Verizon Nexus One Position

We reported earlier today that Verizon had announced the release date of the HTC Incredible, which they are now calling the DROID Incredible. The date that you will be able to get your hands on this much-anticipated device is April 29, but what of the Nexus One?

The new DROID Incredible has almost the same specs as the Nexus One, which makes you ask the question – why would Verizon want both? JKontherun has been asking the same thing and has come up with a very interesting answer.

Google still maintain that the Nexus One is still heading to Verizon. Maybe it is not The Big Red who wants the Nexus One on its network but rather Google, as it is their own phone. Well apart from the fact that HTC make it like they do the new DROID Incredible.

Both handsets will be competing with each other, but we can see Verizon putting more focus on the handset that is not on any other carrier, and that is the Droid Incredible.



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