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DROID Incredible by HTC: Do you like Verizon’s new name?

Following on from the earlier news about the official announcement of the HTC DROID Incredible, we want to get your thoughts on Verizon’s choice of name. Did any of you have an idea that the handset would be the next addition to the DROID family?

The handset previously known as the Incredible has now been given the official name ‘DROID Incredible’. While I liked Incredible on its own, I’m pretty sure I’ll get used to the brand new moniker as well.

Following on from the DROID and the DROID Eris, the DROID Incredible is easily the best out of the three, with some powerhouse specs and an 8 megapixel camera to boast about.

What are your thoughts on the name though? Do you like the new name, or do you just prefer ‘HTC Incredible?’


  • marcelo

    Having just signed on to the adr6300 (aka: incredible) I am summarily impressed with the device, I mean really impressed. I really don't care what the prefix name is; whether its HTC or DROID or HTC DROID. It just seems pretentous to say when asked, "What phone are you using?" to then reply I have the INCREDIBLE. As if. Well, in about a year's time most phones in this (and i use the term loosely) 'smart phone' category will be comparable. I'm just glad my adr6300 is the one that is setting the bar higher. Finally glad that smart phones are FINALLY flash enabled, instead of Verizon has finally stopped lying to me when they say, "Oh sure, this phone delivers the FULL web/internet experience, only to find out that the majority of the web experience is flash compatible (and was unaccessible via a smartphone prior to the droid software update. This phone with its 1 Ghz cpu is now a resolute standard IMHO.

  • How about The Incredible Edible Droid?

  • Vid Junky

    I agree that I liked the name Incredible on its own better then DROID Incredible. If it were shortened to The DI, D Incredible (sounds like 'The'), or even The Incredible D. DROID Eris works because what's an Eris? Besides some obscure ref. to a Greek goddess of strife? It short, it works. To me it's just a mouthful… That I'm hoping is a handful 🙂


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