Top Gear drag race staged: According to McLaren boss

When BBC’s Top Gear arranged a drag race in Abu Dhabi between new kid on the block the Bugatti Veyron and old school bad boy the McLaren F1 we were all interested to see the out come. However when the Veyron walked away with victory, executive chairman and part owner of the McLaren Group Ron Dennis criticized the race.

With a reputation like the one earned by Ron Dennis people tend to listen, and if they did they would have heard Mr Dennis slating the Veyron, calling it a “piece of junk” and describing it as “pig ugly”.

He also added that the race between the two super cars was staged, with the video footage edited to make it look like the Bugatti was faster. If you didn’t catch the race check out AutoBlog for the footage and see what you think. Perhaps the next race will include the new McLaren MP4-12C which we reported on a few weeks ago, give us your opinion on how that challenge could end.



  • Franco

    The Bugatti is much heavier than the McLaren, that’s why it was beaten of the line, but once it got going, it not only caught the McLaren, but left it in it’s dust!!

  • george

    The Bugatti didn't get a good start because the air temperature affected the turbos. In hot conditions turbos don't works as well, that's why the Bugatti seemed to lag behind at the start, but once it got moving it was off into the distance.


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