Spotify in US: Another reason for release delay

While music lovers in the US are patiently awaiting the release of streaming music service Spotify, we have recently heard that a songwriters association has criticized the service, over the amount of income paid to writers.

As reported from the Guardian, The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (Basca), comprised of about 2,000 songwriters has hit out at the creators of Spotify, saying that the service does not generate enough income for musicians.

It has well been documented that various issues are holding up the release of the service in the USA, but could this issue over songwriter payments be the main problem?

BASCA also say that it is worrying that Spotify do not disclose any information regarding royalty payments to artists, and reveal that current payments to writers are ‘tiny’.

There is more through the link. Let us know your thoughts on this.



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