Respawn Entertainment: First game will be a ‘Big Summer Blockbuster’

By Alan Ng - Apr 13, 2010

Following on from the bombshell dropped this afternoon, in which we informed you about Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella and Jason West have been speaking in an interview tonight, in which they revealed that their first game will be a ‘big Summer blockbuster’.

Both guys were speaking to Eurogamer, shortly after the huge announcement today, giving us their thoughts on the future ahead, while also revealing what they thought about Activision’s latest comments over the ongoing lawsuit.

While they didn’t want to go into any specifics on the new game and state whether it would be similar to Modern Warfare 2 or not, Jason West did have this to say on the matter:

“It’s premature right now. We’re focused on getting the team. We know we want it to be a big summer blockbuster, we want it to be something our fans will really enjoy, but there’s nothing specific yet.”

Does he mean this Summer or next? Surely a huge game from the two of them won’t be ready in time for this Summer. Let us know your thoughts on this. The full interview is up at Eurogamer now.

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  • JADE

    I guess this might actually shape up to be a good thing considering i like infinity wards games sooooo much better and now they are finally getting a chance to work on their own.

  • collin

    I liked cod 4 and cod 6 so i am sooooooooooo happy they got away from the douches from Activision

  • tyler

    will definetly be following their every move! Can't wait to see what they push out first!!!

    p.s. FIRST!