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Palm Pre Plus: Vodafone Release Date Confirmed

We have some good news for Vodafone customers in the UK now, as Palm has confirmed a solid release date for the Palm Pre Plus handset, as well as the Palm Pixi Plus handset.

As reported from MobileBurn, both handsets will be available on Vodafone starting from April 28th – which is a Wednesday.

For O2 customers in Germany, you’ll be pleased to know that this applies to you as well. Vodafone has yet to release any details regarding prices for the Pre and Pixi Plus handsets, but we expect them to in the next few weeks.

Are any you still interested in picking up either of these webOS enabled handsets? Or do you have something else in mind, like the iPhone 4G perhaps?

We’ll update you when we know tariff prices.

[UPDATE]: We’ve just been informed by Vodafone UK that the confirmation applies to Vodafone customers in Germany only. This means that we are still waiting to hear on whether the Pre and Pixi Plus handsets will make their way to the UK this year – we’ll keep you informed.



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