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Opera Mini vs Safari: iPhone Comparison, Opera Much Faster

As you may have read earlier Opera Mini for iPhone has recently been approved by Apple, now many of our readers are wondering which browser to use on their iPhone, Opera Mini or Safari, a recent video posted on IntoMobile should help you make your decision.

The video (which has been embedded at the end of this post) shows Safari running side-by-side with Opera Mini, both iPhones are the same model and are both connected to AT&T’s EDGE network, the comparison video tests which browser can access the quickest.

In the speed test Opera Mini loads the full site in around 7 seconds, whereas Apple Safari takes well over 20 seconds to load the mobile version of the website.

As with the full version of Opera, Opera Mini for iPhone allows tabbed browsing and features speed dial, both features give consumers a richer and easier to use web experience.

I have now used Opera Mini on my BlackBerry Bold 9700 and my Nokia N96, on both handsets I prefer Opera Mini to the default browser, therefore I highly recommend iPhone users to give it a try, for more details check out the link below, also don’t forget to watch the video.

Source: IntoMobile



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