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Opera Mini Live on iPhone: Hands-on

For those of you who never thought that the Opera Mini for iPhone would ever be launched, we can now tell you that the app is now live on iTunes App Store. The free application has come as a huge surprise – we all know how much Apple despise other web browsers.

Engadget were one of the first to offer a hands-on with Opera Mini for the iPhone, and the first thing that you will notice is how fast it renders web pages. Upon opening the free new app you will be met with the Opera Screen, there you will see Facebook, Twitter and other links.

When opening a new homepage you will notice just how fast it all is, but some pages do take some time to fully load up when scrolling. Multitouch is not a huge feature for the app, so is just in its basic form.

The new Opera Mini for iPhone has a feature that we had hoped to see in iPhone OS 4.0, and that is to Find in Page. The browser is much better than Safari in so many ways. Download now and give it a try.



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