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Official News: New MacBook Pro 2010

We have known for sometime that the new Apple MacBook Pro was coming, and we recently reported that the Apple Store went down. We can now tell you that it is now official and we have an upgrade to the MacBook Pro line. 2010 is the year of Apple, and this latest launch proves just that.

We had assumed that the new version of the Pro would come with the new range of Intel processors and an upgrade to its hard drive and RAM. We even managed to get hold of some details just last week showing us four new MacBook Pros, so how close were these reports?

We will now take a brief look and the new specs, as we will offer a more details look in another post. So we now know that we were correct, the entire range has seen an increase in Ram – now starting at 4GB. The standard storage is now a 250GB SSD.

The two 13-inch MacBook Pro’s now come with the Intel Core 2 Duo, while the 15-inch comes with the Intel Core i5 and the 17-inch models will use the Intel Core i7. These are just some of the news features; visit our site soon for a more detailed look. Visit Apple Store



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