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No MacBook Air Update or iPad UK Pre-Order Yet

When the Apple Store went down a couple of hours ago we had assumed that they would not only introduce a MacBook Pro update, but also a MacBook Air as well. We had hoped that the UK Apple Store would finally start to offer the iPad for pre-order as well.

Well we were right about the Pro range, but the other two we were way off. The MacBook Air is now getting on a bit and is no secret that a few upgrades are needed if Apple has any hope of shifting more units – let us hope that they are not going to phase it out and put its efforts into newer versions of the iPad.

Speaking of the iPad, why is it taking Apple so long to allow those in the UK to pre-order theirs? Surly they have been able to stock pile a huge amount of the tablet device by now? We know that the UK version of the iPad is coming, but we still wait for an exact release date.

Anyway, today is all about the MacBook Pro; learn more about its new feature upgrades and price.


  • I am not worried about the UK release date. I am worried about the UK (and Canadian) price


  • Anon

    It’s turning from excitement to annoyance that they are taking ages to even take UK ipad pre orders let alone actually release the thing!


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