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New MacBook Pro: Last Minute Wish List

Today is the day when Apple is meant to unveil a new MacBook Pro range; there were also suggestions that the MacBook Air would receive an upgrade as well. Stocks of the current Pro have now started to dry up – even more proof of a newer version. Let us take a closer look at what we know so far and a last minute wish list.

Apple has been working hard this month, at the beginning of April the iPad was finally released, and late last week we had a preview of the summer release of the iPhone OS 4.0. We just hope that Apple has not stretched themselves thin and not given the MacBook Pro the upgrades that it rightly deserves.

There are a number of areas where the Pro needs an upgrade – the processor is just one of them. We recently reported that the Pro range will benefit from a new range of Intel Core processors – the Intel Core i7 M620 CPU will be on the top-of-the-line model.

It is no secret that users feel restricted with the current 160GB hard drive, what sort of storage upgrade would you like to see? Apple will need to upgrade the RAM and the video card to help the Pro compete with some of the higher end laptops coming to the market. Let us hope that Apple does not disappoint.

Give us your suggestions below


  • egg

    oh dear how sad

  • R6MiLe

    I just went on the Apple Store website, AND IT SAYS THEY ARE UPDATING IT! This is it guys, I'm guessing in a few minutes we'll see what the new Macbook Pro is about to deliver. Keep checking the Apple Store website.

    I checked on both the US and UK Apple Stores, so definitely not a website glitch. This is so exciting!

  • Chris

    An HDMI port please!

  • kango

    i would love to see the macbookpro 15.4 inch be trimmed to the size of a 15 dot. If we use the the 15inch PowerbookG4 as the start the MBP's are getting much more wider, I do hope tht the MBP 15 has a bit of portablity compared to the current one

  • Cam

    I would love to also see the new Apple Macbook Pros have a touch screen like the iphone and ipad.

  • R6MiLe

    I just hope that they give dedicated graphics to the lower-range 15" Macbook Pro. I think it's outrageous that if I want a laptop with dedicated graphics, I have to spend over £1500! I mean, that almost DOUBLE the price of a Macbook. Apple is making it very difficult to choose Macs over PC's. Also, update the 13" Macbook Pro to make it more powerful than the Macbook: at the moment it's more expensive, but exactly the same performance. Ideally, I'd like a 13" Macbook Pro with dedicated graphics, but that's just wishful thinking.

  • Moritz

    an eSata interface would be awsome! 🙂

  • Tom

    FIRST!!!! Also i hope they refresh the 13" as well cause I need 4gb RAM without paying extra and can't afford 15"….


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