Modern Warfare 2: New Glitches on Xbox 360 version?

By Alan Ng - Apr 13, 2010

Some worrying news to bring to Xbox 360 owners of Modern Warfare 2 now, as it looks as if more glitches have been found within the game – which is arguably the worst glitch found so far.

As reported from Examiner, the latest glitch allows players to call in unlimited harrier strikes at a time, leading to the tactical Nuke killstreak – promptly ending the game for everyone in the server.

As you can probably imagine, this is causing chaos and in turn, frustration amongst those who just wish they can play a ‘clean’ game.

We have no idea how this new glitch found its way into the game, but now Infinity Ward has another problem which they need to sort asap, or see server numbers drop significantly.

Have you seen this glitch in-game? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • I have seen others like holding the One Man Army pack gives you the same super speed like the carepackage glitch and you can look up the unlimited harrier killstreak(even multiple Stealth Bombers) stuff on Youtube. I am not a "casual gamer" and MW:2 has sat on my shelf for weeks now because it was like someone had high jacked their game. It hasn't been the game they promised. Untill then I not buying any content for games that don't play right. New game:BF:BC2 Hardcore only!

  • thechosenfewtv

    there is a worse glitch than that now…..

    it is allowing the person to see all enemy names through walls so that they are constantly aware of where the enemy is at and thus will always get the drop on them. not sure on specifics, just know ive come across several people with this ability

  • 3rd

    Same here big red. Old News

  • Big Red Husker

    All the glitches ruined the game traded my copy in months ago and don't miss it. To busy playing FF13, Aliens vs Predator and other games I need to finish.

    • Digitalph33r

      Your an idiot. its called patches. Thats just like selling Gears of war 2 because the ranking system didnt make sense. Know what happend soon after? They updated it so its better now. Your the typical casual gamer.

      • vince

        "You Idiot. It's called patches"

        What's called patches? So the biggest selling game can't get their multiplayer sorted but are quite happy to release new maps at higher than normal prices. Seeing as this game is mostly about the multiplayer I think his point is valid. I haven't played my MW2 since the unlimted grate glitch! I know they've fixed that but it's one glitch after another which makes the game pretty unplayable.
        If anything they should be giving us free maps to compensate releasing such a glitchy game – Better public testing next time I think

  • ous00ner