Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two: No release in Asia – Microsoft

By Alan Ng - Apr 13, 2010

Some interesting news to bring you now, as following on from the official announcement of the Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two handsets, the company has confirmed that both phones will not be seeing a release in Asia.

As reported from PC World, the handsets will come with unique access to social networking services such as Windows Live, Facebook and Twitter, and will be released on Verizon in the US next month.

Despite the emerging Chinese market, Microsoft has no plans to release in Asia, with the company yet to hold negotiations with any of the major operators in Asia.

Vodafone will also be releasing both handsets in Europe towards the end of the year, confirming that Microsoft has placed exclusivity with only these two networks.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Full article over at PC World.

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