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MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i7 M620 CPU: Jump in performance

We know that Apple is to upgrade its line of MacBook Pro laptops, and the recent news that Apple is running low on current stock is proof of that. There is to be a number of upgrades to the new version of the Pro, the most-important being to its processor.

We have recently learned that the MacBook pro will go from an Intel Core 2 Duo processor to a more powerful i3, i5, and i7. The best of these is the Intel Core i7 M620 CPU, and offers the biggest jump in performance, this will be made available on the 17-inch version.

According to Christian Zibreg from Geek, there was an unofficial benchmark test that showed that the upgraded flagship MacBook Pro running on the new Intel Core i7 M620 CPU showed a huge increase in its performance. Apple had hoped to offer this upgrade sooner, but rivals had purchased the entire stock of i7 processors.

Recent rumors suggest that the new upgraded version of the Apple MacBook pro will be released today – we will keep you informed.



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