MacBook Air with 3G SIM Card Slot: Would you want it?

By Peter Chubb - Apr 13, 2010

There is no denying that the Apple MacBook Air is a beautiful laptop, but it is missing a few keys features – one being the possibility of 3G SIM Card Slot. This is just one, but we are certain that current and future Air owners will want to see more options like this, but let us take a closer look at this 3G SIM.

The Apple iPad has a 3G option, although this will not be available for at least another week. This feature will make it possible for users on the go to always get mobile broadband when not near a Wi-Fi signal.

The MacBook Air with 3G SIM Card Slot is the next closet product that Apple has to the iPad, well except the iPhone and iPod Touch. However, these are much smaller and harder to do tasks on.

There has been so many times when I have been out and about and unable to get on my MacBook Air, so the idea of being able to gain access to the Internet via 3G would be great – not certain how I would feel about paying out for another monthly plan. Would be nice if I would be able to tether my Air with my iPhone, but this is not possibly on the iPad – so I do not hold out much hope.

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  • I wonder how long it’s going to take for AAPL to adopt this…let’s say 7 years after it was introduced by other brands?

  • james

    I voted 'yes' – but I think this survey has a bias because of the self-selecting group. I found this page by searching for 'Macbook 3G' or something similar.