Lexus GX 460 Unsafe: “Don’t Buy” Warning

We were shocked to hear that the Lexus GX 460 has been considered to be unsafe in a recent consumer report. The SUV has been giving a “Don’t Buy” warning, it seems that the vehicle could rollover – something that was found out during a routine handling test.

This is yet another blow for Toyota, who has already recalled more than 8 million vehicles worldwide. In a magazine report it stated that while the Lexus GX 460 was undergoing a performance test, the rear of the SUV went almost sideways – the electronic stability control system managed to correct things in time.

The consumer report said that if such a thing happened on the road, the SUV would have rolled over for sure. According to Associated Press, Toyota has expressed concern for this problem – they will now get one of their engineer’s to try and re-create the test.

Do you think that this latest problem will tarnish the Toyota brand once more?



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