iPhone 4G will make VoIP easier

By Alan Ng - Apr 13, 2010

We have some good news for regular users of VoIP solutions now, as it has been reported that a new iPhone running the latest OS 4.0 will make VoIP calls easier than on previous editions of Apple’s software.

As reported from TelAppliant, the main change is the inclusion of multitasking within OS 4.0, which will now allow the iPhone to receive calls in the background while the devices are used for other tasks.

This is a feature which wasn’t available in previous versions of the OS, as VoIP Apps had to be open to receive calls. But now users will not face such a problem in OS 4.0, as you’ll now be able to switch between calls and applications with ease.

What are your thoughts on VoIP solutions for the upcoming iPhone 4G? Is this a factor which will contribute towards your purchase of a new iPhone?

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