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iPhone 4G vs. Social Phones

With social media getting bigger each day, it is no secret that cell phone makers will want to capitalize on this. More and more Facebook, Twitter and other social network site users are logging in each day on their mobile devices, and we have already seen a shift in marketing from the likes of Nokia and Microsoft.

Both of these companies know that they are under pressure to compete with the likes of the Apple iPhone – which is why when you look at the most recent launch from Microsoft, you will see that they have a different strategy. Instead of offering a handset with all the bells and whistles on, they have come up with Kin One and Two.

These handsets are very basic in features, but what they do specialize in is Social media, and it does it well. According to Daniel Chubb from Online Social Media, Nokia have done a very similar thing with their new C3, C6, and E5.

Nokia and Microsoft hopes that they have found the perfect balance between features and price – offering a device that is cheap will certainly appeal to the social media users. However, if they do have success it will be short lived. The new iPhone 4G will also be able to appeal to these users, thanks to a host of new apps designed just for this feature.

Users who use these social sites will soon have a tough choice to make, cheap handsets with poor features, or an expensive handset packed with a huge choice of features?



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