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HTC OS: Incredible idea or just plain stupid?

Some interesting news to bring you now, as we are hearing reports that HTC are willing to develop and create their own operating system, which would be seen as a very surprising move amongst HTC fans we feel.

As reported from BGR, HTC’s popularity has grown considerably over the past few years, creating great handsets such as the HTC Hero and upcoming favorite the HTC Incredible.

A possible venture into the OS market, would surely mean that the company would part company with the likes of Verizon and Microsoft, two companies which HTC are closely working with at the moment.

HTC is known for developing great Android handsets, so the idea of them leaving Android is somewhat questionable. Do you think this is a good step forward for the company, or not?

You can read HTC CFO Cheng Hui-ming’s interview with Bloomberg here.


  • Nope.. Not another operating system. I think they should work on making HTC sense better and stick their guns with android. Bada by Samsung was pretty annoying and when devices like hero have done so well with more success to come from desire, incredible and legend I think they should really just stick to improving Android. Hope they reconsider!

  • Simon

    They should just make it possible to use any operating system on these smartphones. Somekind of API or HAL could be developed to allow any os to run on any phone, thereby allowing the end users to run the operating system of their choice (iphones aside).

  • AAcer

    It's a tough market to enter, considering the many good OS systems out there. This move could potentially put them out of business…

  • Josh

    I agree! No more operating systems. Even if they buy Palm they should not stop using Android operating systems. Android is a growing market for them, and for those of us who have switch over, there is no going back.

  • It depends on the legal issues with Google and Apple. If that battle increasingly gets nasty and as a result HTC has to make technical changes or delay products it would make sense for them to explore other options.

  • The last thing we need is another freakin' operating system on the market. Samsung annoyed me when it was announced they're bringing out Bada. If HTC is that interested in branding the OS market, and cannot wrap their head around the benefit of Android, then they should just go ahead and buy Palm so they can get the PalmOS/Webkit to develop.

    • Dan

      PalmOS really is unappealing, and non-innovative. there is probably a reason why palm sales have plummeted.

  • satla

    it would be hard for them to beat android, and if this is true then they are letting their success get to their head. dont bite the hand that feeds you, and dont let your company's ego inflate


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