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Verizon Shows Microsoft Turtle, Pure and LG Aloha

Verizon is in high demand lately with their new handsets, not only are we still waiting for a release date for the HTC Incredible – but also news on the Microsoft Turtle, Pure and LG Aloha. We have recently found out that Verizon’s system is now showing these three handsets.

The showing of the Microsoft Pure and Turtle is perfecting timing for today’s Pink event, which we explained in more detail in a recent post. PhoneArena warns us that this news is not official, but we cannot help think about its timing. Expect to hear some more news on this later today.

As for the LG VS740 / Aloha, this handset was last seen on the FCC website last month. Not much is known about its release, but we do know that it will run on Google Android OS. Rumors suggest that this handset could be launched in Q2, so could even be this month. If this is the case, then April will be the best month for Verizon handset launches – until they get the Apple iPhone that is.



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