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Verizon iPhone 4G: AT&T exclusivity for 18 more months?

While many Verizon customers are taking it as a certainty that the next version of the iphone will be available on their network, we have a contrasting opinion from an analyst who believes that AT&T may keep exclusivity on the iPhone for another 18 months.

As reported from Reuters, Jonathan Chaplin, an analyst from Credit Suisse made his remarks following on from the recent admission from Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg that any move for the iPhone on Verizon is now ‘Apple’s call’.

But while Verizon customers and the world’s media naturally got excited about his remarks, Chaplin has predicted that AT&T may go on to keep the iPhone for another 12 or 18 months yet – citing Verizon’s high-speed network (which still isn’t completed) as a key reason.

But can Verizon customers really hold on and wait that long? – Especially after Apple’s mouthwatering presentation of iPhone OS 4.0 that will be available alongside the new iPhone this Summer.

Let us know your thoughts on this. More over at Reuters.



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