Sony Walkmam: A Look At B150 & W250 Series MP3 Players

By Jamie Pert - Apr 12, 2010

These days companies seem to be developing more and more impressive portable media players, however a lot people do not need video and app support, they instead just want a portable music player.

If you are one of these people after a portable music player you should perhaps check out Sony’s latest offerings, these are the WALKMAN B150 Series and the W250 Series Walkman.

The B150 series features an impressive 18 hour battery life, however if you run out of charge you can gain 90 minutes of extra playback time from a charge of just 3 minutes. This series should launch in June this year, you can find out fully detailed information here.

The W250 Series is being marketed as the “perfect sporting partner”, this wearable player has a wire-free design and is water-resistant, apparently you can wear the headset in the shower or whilst training in the rain, you can find out full details here.

Currently we are unsure of pricing, however as we hear further details we will keep you posted.

Source: SlashGear

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