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Project Natal (Xbox 360): New build impresses media before release

We have some good news for Xbox 360 owners looking to pick up the Project Natal motion sensing kit at the end of the year, as a fresh review of a new hardware build of Project Natal has concluded in some promising signs ahead.

As reported from GamesThirst, media from Spain were able to get to grips with a completely new build of Project Natal, but still had to base their impressions on a tech demo of 3D game Ricochet.

However, this time around, there has been no reports of any lag issues with the camera, with Engadget Spain going as far to say that the receiver sensitivity is ‘amazing’.

There are also further comments from Spanish media sources such as Meristation, ScoreZero and BeeGamer. Head to the link above to check out what they had to say about the latest build.

There is also a few new screenshots for you to check out too. What are your thoughts on this? Are you pleased that opinions are starting to shift in Microsoft’s favor?


  • tremayne

    Now if they just recognise how close they are to virtual reality and add a pair of Hd lcd goggles used with the natal system then we'll be in business with games like oblivion

    • Malairius

      yes and also link another natal so it can measure depth of objects it your playing area, preventing law-suits and allowing the camera to pick up things behind the player's back.

      • Will

        It can already do that, have you seen the camera this thing uses. just google Natal videos, they show you how the camera picks up 3 dimensions all around the player, even behind him/her.


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