Playstation Move: Add on gets ‘Navigation Controller’ name

By Alan Ng - Apr 12, 2010

We have some good news for Playstation 3 owners now, as it looks like Sony has finally given an official name for their Playstation Move Sub Controller. It will now be known as the ‘Navigation Controller’.

As reported from VG247, the name change was revealed via an FCC filing which you can see here. It now means that we can finally ditch that long and winding tag for the add-on and start calling it the Navigation Controller, or even better – The ”NavCon”.

While Sony hasn’t announced this officially, it is a known fact now – considering that company has already edited their US website with the name change.

So we now have PS Move and it’s NavCon. Let us know your thoughts on this – are you happy with the name or not?


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