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Nokia N900: Now Overclocked to 1700MHz – Genuine?

A recent post on OnlyGizmo suggests that the Nokia N900’s processor has been overclocked to a staggering 1700MHz, however at the moment there is a severe lack of evidence to prove whether this is genuine.

If you check out OnlyGizmo’s article you can see a photo of the overclocked smartphone, all the image shows is the N900 strapped to an Intel Socket 775 heatsink and fan along with a screenshot showing the impressive clock speed.

As standard the N900’s ARM Cortex-A8 CPU runs at 600MHz, however if this latest overclock is genuine it means that the clock speed has almost been trebled.

Previously we have seen the chip clocked to an impressive 1GHz, however the N900’s already unimpressive battery life suffers heavily.

Do you think that this overclock is genuine?

Source: OnlyGizmo



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