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NBA Jam: Wii Screens and Rumored Release Date

If you have been looking to get your fix of over the top visuals and fun gameplay you are probably looking forward to the upcoming release of NBA Jam.

So far it looks as if this game is only being launched on the Nintendo Wii, I would imagine that it will probably be available at Apple’s App Store at some point, especially with the recent success of Madden NFL 10 for iPhone.

Up until now we have been unsure of a release date, however we are now hearing that the game will launch in December 2010, no exact release date has been specified yet.

If you check out SportsUntapped’s article you can see thumbnails of the game, however to see full sized screens and to stay up-to-date it may be worth becoming a fan of the official NBA Jam Facebook page, for more details check out the link below.

Source: SportsUntapped



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